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At Seyca Plastic Packaging the maximization of the economic, environmental and social value in the short and long term of each of our products is our priority. Thus we contribute to the increase of well-being and the authentic progress of present and future generations, in their general environment.”

“Sustainability” has become one of the buzzwords of our time. But the actions behind this word should be responsible. Seyca Plastic Packaging has solidly integrated sustainability as part of its environmental strategy. Using innovative approaches, we enhance the sustainable characteristics from the raw materials of our articles to our logistics and infrastructure. In addition, sustainability is also a priority present from the design of our products to their final packaging.

THE 3 "R"


From the design process in Seyca we pursue the use of the minimum amount of plastic per article while maintaining the specific properties of our products that ensure the longest shelf life. Always pursuing a reduction of the environmental impact of our articles.


In Seyca we have always reused the leftover cuts from our own manufacturing by incorporating them back into the production process of the same product. This philosophy pursues the generation of “Waste 0” during the production process, as well as a reduction in the amount of new plastic used.


In Seyca Plastic we are not only aware of the need to recycle each of the articles after their useful life. In our production process we are manufacturing articles with a recycled post-consumer plastic content in percentages of 30% – 50% and achieving 100% with recycled-post-industrial plastic.

Most of our articles are made of a single material, which means, they be directly recycled in the yellow container without the need to make any previous selection or separation.

In favor of this awareness with the importance of recycling, we are pioneers in the use of machinery with unique technology in Spain for the manufacture of 100% RECYCLED PET articles.

circular economy

In Seyca Plastic, the circular economy is much more than a product management after use. Our goal is to close the cycle between products and resources in the best possible way based on their value chain. An intelligent circular economy system integrated with the development, production, use and reuse of the product from the beginning. The main elements of our circular economy model are:

  • Maximum use of resources.
  • Minimization of waste generation.
  • Maximization of the value associated with each of our products.
  • Recovery and regeneration of products and materials at the end of their useful life.

eco-sustainable materials

Faced with the current environmental situation at Seyca Plastic, we see an opportunity in the development of articles with new materials and new production processes that are environmentally friendly.

We are committed to the use of BIOBASED MATERIALS of natural origin. Thus we get:

REDUCE the impact on the consumption of non-renewable resources.

REDUCE air pollution associated with obtaining raw material materials by traditional methods (CO2).

Materials such as Green PE, are natural substitutes for others such as PE (Polyethylene); but from ethanol obtained from renewable sources such as sugarcane or beets. This allows us to manufacture with materials of natural and renewable origin, but with the same specific properties required by our customers.

In addition, all items manufactured with Green PE or other biobased material are perfectly compatible with the established circular economy since they are 100% recyclable and must be deposited in the yellow container.

We have incorporated BIODEGRADABLE and compostable MATERIALS such as PLA into our catalog of raw materials available for manufacturing in a wide range of products and processes. This incorporation ranges from injection to blown products.
The compostable-biodegradable plastics used in Seyca Plastics such as PLA are obtained from renewable raw materials such as corn, potatoes or wheat. After their useful life these materials decompose into CO2, H2O and biomass (natural chemical elements) which not only prevents their accumulation but also allows these elements to be reintegrated into the natural carbon cycle.

Currently we also have BIODEGRADABLE ADDITIVES compatible with traditional plastics such as PE or PP. These additives favor that the plastic biodegrade in contact with the microorganisms and reducing the current impact of the plastics with the environment.
These additives do not influence the properties specified for each item which is a solution for the future without altering the product and ensuring a responsible service with the environment.


In Seyca Plastic we have opted for the use of new post-consumer or post-industrial materials such as RPET. We manufacture our items incorporating a percentage of recycled material in each production. This is how we reduce the environmental impact of our resources used in each manufacturing, reinstating and giving value to products after their useful life.

In favor of this philosophy that has accompanied us since our beginnings, in Seyca we have opted for the incorporation of pioneer machinery in Spain for the manufacture of bottles made of 100% PET RECYCLED POST CONSUMPTION-INDUSTRIAL. This is one of our most ambitious projects since, without losing key properties such as the transparency of the packaging, we managed to reduce the impact on direct raw materials on natural resources to zero.