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Screen, Pad and Embossed Printing; Assembly and Distribution


servicios-personalizacion articulos 450x300

At Seyca PLASTIC we do not only manufacture plastic articles, but we also give them an added value, as they can be screen or pad printed and decorated or thermo-etched. We also carry out chrome plating, labelling and transforming with special packaging.

All of these sections are found in our own facilities, with our own machinery, reducing the manufacturing costs and times. Furthermore, they are supervised and coordinated by the quality and production departments, which allows us to ensure optimal manufacturing times and quality.

These areas of personalisation and transformation have also been developed in recent years, with new acquisitions of printing machinery, empowering the transformation department, thanks to our clients increasingly trusting our services and specifying more variety of assembly processes.

Request a non-binding quote from us for finished pieces or for moulds and utensils which are required, providing the delivery date of the first units for the relevant tests.

En At Seyca PLASTIC we are prepared and able to offer you the comprehensive solution that you require for your articles, and that your clients demand.