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Conventional and IML injection



We currently have a wide range of modern injection machines, ranging from 50 to 250 TN locking, all of the leading brands.

We can offer our clients the manufacture of all kinds of injection articles, including for sectors as demanding as food and cosmetics; all thanks to our modern facilities and our highly qualified and trained personnel.

In addition to conventional injection, we are prepared for the manufacture of articles with IML (In MOULD Labelling), a solution providing decoration upon the article, directly in the mould, in the same injection process. It basically consists of an almost simultaneous operation of moulding and labelling the article. IML labelling increases the visual quality of the article enormously, also providing a durable adhesion, as the labelling and plastic material are melted together, forming a single layer.


Advantages that we obtain with IML labelling:

  • Impossible to separate the label and packaging.
  • Elimination of subsequent labelling processes.
  • High quality of presentation of the product.